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If you're considering a Weber S-670, review all of the features this grill offers before deciding on a grill with a lower price point. Its solid construction and practical design means that you'll be the king of the grill this summer with friends and family thinking you've been to culinary school.

One of the biggest challenges with cooking on a grill is being able to control the amount of heat so that the food is not over cooked or left too raw. The Weber S-670 offers complete control with 6 burners that are individually adjustable. This approach allows different types of food to be cooked at different temperatures at the same time. A meal is comprised of more than one dish and if you don't have this flexibility, each dish will have to be cooked separately. This means that the first thing you cooked is cooling by the time the next one is ready. These multiple burners insure that you're serving a hot meal cooked to perfection.

If you like searing meat to lock in the juices then you'll enjoy the searing burner that comes with this grill. Conveniently located in the center of the grill, you can get that rare steak evenly browned on both sides in a short amount of time. No Weber S-670 review would be complete without mentioning the rotisserie. This feature is ideal for healthy cooking where the meat cooks evenly while the fat drips away. For those who enjoy that slow cooked and smoked flavor, the added smoker box is a nice a bonus that allows you to achieve that unique barbeque flavor.

Any Weber S-670 review should make mention of the quick heat up time. This means you're not waiting around to get started when you have a hungry crowd standing by. Nothing's more frustrating than adding an additional 30 minutes to your prep time and with the quick heat up, you're grilling in minutes.

Not only practical, the Weber S-670 is built with solid construction as well as attractive design. The cabinet doors are double walled with the grates and side shelves being constructed of stainless steel. The stainless steel finish is attractive with any outdoor décor, and gives your patio or deck a sleek and modern appearance.

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