Clothes and Apparel
Wearing appropriate wardrobe in playing golf is part of golf game etiquette. It is believed that golfers show respect to their co-golfers with proper attire and good golf wardrobe is what golf game is made up. If you look and feel good in the green fields, you can enjoy and have more fun in the game and more importantly, your golf buddies will play with you more seriously than what you expect. Golf apparels can also add up confidence within you and is designed to protect you from environmental elements that may harm you like the heat of the sun.Golf apparels includes shirt, pants or skirts, shoes, and gloves.  It must have a collar and can be a form-fitting polo. Pants are worn better with a leather belt and must not have cuffs. The shorts worn on a game are especially designed for golf and not the typical shorts for gym or denim shorts. Women can wear skirts but should be comfortable that it will not hinder body movements as you play and same with your pants and shirts.

External shape design clothing clothing design as a visual art, contour shape can give people a deep impression, the overall design style in clothing design is the primary position. Outer garment silhouette can be divided into A, H, X, Y four basic types. In the basic model based on the minor modification can produce changes in a variety of changes in shape, so as to be able to change the basis of A-type tents line out, speaker wire and other shapes of H, Y, X-type for modification can also produce more interesting outline of type.

Therefore the plane of the fabric to show three-dimensional effect, we must take away the extra part, in addition to their use of plastic fabric for heat setting, in general, mainly through provincial and tuck the settings to achieve this purpose. Province is the suture, according to the different established position, divided into thoracic province, waist dart, shoulder province, back province, breech province so.
One chest is in women's clothes in the province, the most critical and important factor. Bust dart style changes according to different forms, the main dump and cut the folded prototype can be used two ways to transfer the chest province. For example, start using cut folding method where provincial income cut towards the chest dart to the chest dart point dots, while in the folding arm province, provincial position on the transfer of cut line, completing the transfer of chest Province .